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Anonymous asked:

Hi! Just a quick question. You said you'd post a sequel to breach, do you still plan on doing that? How would we be able to read that, would it post as E/B? Also, have you given up on WttCH? I really love that one. I completely understand when RL gets in your way

The sequel to Breach will be published. I haven’t started in on it yet, but I plan too soon.

I haven’t given up on WttCH. I fully intend to get some chapters out here soon once things calm down a bit. I did NOT intend for it to be this long. :(Β 

courtzu-nigga asked:

I love your Gravity Teaser! Will you be posting it as a fanfiction story? I HOPE SO!

I haven’t decided yet. I think I could possibly do both. I think it would be a great OF, but I’d also love it as a FF. So torn!! Their names are Simon and Claire, and I was thinking I could write it as OF, and post it as FF.

Decisions, decisions. >.<

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